Hi! My name is Edoardo Belinci and I am 30. I was born in Rome were I'm living.
Curriculum Vitae
1993-96 oil painting lessons.
1995- "International School of Comics" in Rome.
1998-2002 "History of contemparary arts" at roman university "La Sapienza".
Work Experience
1997- \ as a Freelancer, Computer Game Designer, 3D Modeller/Animator, Compositing video, 2D Designer for the following Companies:
Colors Arti Multimediali, Film Group International, Infonet Software, Mafrau, Young & Rubicam, Nemomultimedia, Tofu Studio, OnionSkin, Proxima.
Software Skills
3dsmax (Character Studio, Final Render), Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Flash, Painter, Bryce, Poser.
Obtain a position in an organization where a highly motivated, creative individual with 3d and traditional art skills is needed.