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A short, misleading and occasionally downright fake biography of Anna Feruglio Dal Dan

Anna Feruglio Dal Dan was born in 1966 and has now, even her incredible willpower having a limit, turned thirty.

She was born in a small town called Udine (in Italy), almost precisely midway between Venice and Trieste.

She lives in Padua (in Italy) now, where they've got the second oldest university in the world (in more than one sense). She's trying to get a degree in Philosophy, which would make her a Philosophy Doctor, wouldn't it? But she works, so things are proceeding slowly on that front.

She's never been a karate master, a journalist or a wild game hunter, and in general never had all those exciting adventures which should be conducive to a career in writing. She has, though, been a sailor. No, really. She was born on the Adriatic Sea and her parents used to own a sailing boat. Hallberg-Rassy, for those of you who know about this kind of thing. Later on she's started going to sailing schools. She's been to Glenans, albeit the toned-down Corsica base.

She's been translating books from English into Italian for quite a long time now. You can find her curriculm here.

So she gets paid for what she writes, which is more than many writers can say for themselves.

In 2003 she's been to Clarion West, and the glow has not yet completely faded. She was called "incandescent", which has allowed her to collect quite a bit of really enthusiastic rejection letters.

In 2004 she's been to Viable Paradise, where they also told her, "Now piss off and write something", so she's run out of excuses.

She takes photos, which her friends praise and professionals (rightly) sniff scornfully at. She lives in a fuxia house with a slightly hyperactive female cat named Zip, two Macintosh computers, and pines after Kentucky. Pick those jaws off the ground, folks, if you don't mind. It's getting messy in here.

And don't let yourself be taken in by the cute photograph. She's really a four feet hunchback with an evil disposition.

She's a member of Amnesty International and of the Italian version of CISCOP, CICAP.