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by Roberto Chiavini & Gian Filippo Pizzo

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Roberto Chiavini e Gian Filippo Pizzo work together since 1993, when they both took part in the convention Libri e immagini dall'iperspazio which was held at the comunal library of Borgo San Lorenzo (near Florence, Tuscany) for the opening of the official library found of the Italian section of the World SF.
Thereafter, they worked together for the column Personaggi fantastici on the weekly cross-words magazine NET - Nuova Enigmistica Tascabile, a column that is still active and which was the starting point for the Dizionario dei Personaggi Fantastici (Dictionary of Fantastic Characters). They have other projects concerning reference books on the fantastic, but they lack a publisher for the moment.
Since 1996 they write together the column on science fiction and the fantastic in literature and in the movies on the monthly magazine Il Giornale dei Misteri published by Corrado Tedeschi Editore in Firenze.
This web space has the aim not only to update their works in the field but above all to give to the fans of the fantastic the most interesting published works of the authors; besides, it has the purpose to give new material, both as new texts written for this web space only than as useful link collections.

Dizionario dei personaggi fantastici

The most important characters in SF, fantasy and horror, taken from the movies, comics and literature.

More than a thousand voices on characters in novels, stories, movies, serial, comics, cartoons, even role-playing games and songs.
Lists of the authors and titles, glossary and appendices.
Foreword by Gianfranco de Turris.

Gremese Editore, 1996
344 p., hardbound, ill., £65.000

Winner of the Premio Italia for best reference book at the 1997 Italcon, in San Marino.

- More about the Dizionario

- New Characters (in Italian only)


The science fiction column on Il Giornale dei Misteri is without any doubts the longest living among the science fiction columns ever to appear on Italian non-sf magazines. It was born in 1986, thanks to Pizzo.

In 1996 Chiavini joined Pizzo and the column took new characteristics.

Normally, this column is devoted to the same theme that is the subject of the special insert inside the magazine, but there are also articles on specific authors, concerning the news and even on the fantastic in Italy.

Articles from Il Giornale dei Misteri

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