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by Roberto Chiavini & Gian Filippo Pizzo

The themes of Science Fiction and the Fantastic, from our column on Il Giornale dei Misteri, are the subject of this home page

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The Giornale dei Misteri, a monthly magazine appeared for the first time in 1971 (published by Corrado Tedeschi Editore, Firenze, Italy), is the oldest and most important among the magazines concerning UFOs, esoterism, parapsicology and the like.

The science fiction column, started with number 173, February 1986, was born especially to give the reader of the magazine a literary look about the themes talked about in the GdM and to underline the differences between the scientific (or para-scientific) data given by the other articles in the magazine and the literary ones, the symbolic basis of all science fiction tales. Time after time, the column evaded the initial limits and gained in freedom, widening its horizons. Anyway, this is the longest living column on the fantastic existing on a non-specialized Italian magazine (it's still living instead!).

Il Giornale del maggio 1997 For this reason, in 1996 the Italian section of World SF gave to its writer, Gian Filippo Pizzo, on behalf of more than ten years of work and over one hundred articles on the subject (not counting several scores of book reviews), the bi-annual prize for the promotion of Science Fiction in Italy.

 In the same year, Pizzo (a little bored of his solo work on this colum) was joined by Roberto Chiavini and the colum took new strenght, widening its interest to fantasy, horror, comics and movie subjects, without losing contact with its peculiar aspects, most of all the attention given to science fiction in Italy (writers, magazines, fanzines, convention and the like).
In this page you find the most interesting articles, among the co-written ones, chosen for a more specialized reader than the GdM ones.

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