By leonardo maffi
Version 1.1, Oct 22 2008

This story contains explicit sex in text and an image, so it's meant for mature readers.

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While sorting some documents on a display in front of the TV I hear the buzz of the doorbell.

"I'm busy!" yells my mother.

So I put my pants on and go to the door, I take a look at the door screen, there's a taur! It's golden, I activate the intercom, "Goldie? Is that you?"

Shi looks at the camera and smiles to me, raising a hand, "Yes, I'm Goldfur ^_^"

Hikes! I remove some dandruff from my shoulders, I'm even wearing slippers! Oh, my... Well, shi will have to accept me like this, "I am wearing really cheap and light things..."

"Oh," shi answers, smiling, "Don't worry, this is not a formal visit, and I don't care if you are wearing just an underskirt, or nothing at all."

Okay, I run to my mother, "A morph from Australia is come to see me! The name is Chakat Goldfur."

"I don't like having floors all covered by paw prints and fur," she answers.

But I cut it short and I run back to the door to open it. I wave, smiling widely like a fool, "Hello Goldfur, finally in Europe! ^_^ I have waited for a visit of yours for ages, almost two thousand days, I guess ^_^" I touch hir arm, hir fur is cold, "Are you coming from a refrigerator? And where are your bags?"

"First of all, may I enter? :-]" shi says.

"AH, yes, sure! Sorry..." I let hir come inside, shi looks around and I see hir nose sniffing the air a little, "Sorry... I know it's a small space for you... This is a home built by humans for a small human family, I live with my two parents here. And this is Italy, homes are often smaller here because there is less available space to build them. Here there are very few taurs, and they too probably have smaller houses than the ones you are used too to."

"It's okay, and the ceiling is tall enough... It looks nice. Why do you live with your parents?"

"I have never had a partner, and I can't live alone, I must be close to people that I like..."

"Oh, I understand. Interesting."

"I know Native Americans used to 'travel light', but you redefine a new meaning for that term. Do you come from Australia with just your top!?"

"I have travelled very quickly, I have asked for help to a friend, and chakats don't need lot of things when they go around... ;-)"

I nod, maybe shi has used a teleporter, shi may have asked to the Ex-Admiral, that's why hir fur is so cold, shi comes straight from the July of the southern hemisphere. "Well, do you want something to drink, or to eat?"

"Do you have some fruit juice?"

I nod and lead hir to the little kitchen, showing hir the dining room too.

Goldfur sees our replicator on the wall, and comes closer to it to see better, shi likes technology, then smiles at me, "It's quite uncommon to see one of them in a normal home, they don't cost much to buy or rent, but they need a huge amount of energy to work, and that costs a lot."

"Right, we nearly never use that, only in special situations or in emergencies. It can synthesize most drugs too," then I point the wall screen, "I was looking the TV, there's the opening ceremony of the Olympiads... And I think chakat Macchiaboscosa this year will kick human butts in athletics. A bot has told me that maybe shi will carry the Italian flag during the ceremony," I pull the hydroponics rack out of the wall and show hir the fruits we have, "There's pineapple, apples, pear, gooseberries, and many more. And their taste is good enough ^_^"

Shi sits on the floor, "Is the pineapple ripe? :-)"

"The sensor says yes," I cut it away with a small laser cutter and put it whole into the machine to peel the skin away and centrifugate it, then I take a couple of glasses, and fill them with pineapple juice, smiling, I like to be Goldie's barman :-)

Shi seems to like the taste.

"Really fresh juice," shi says.

I giggle a little, nodding, and I show hir more of the little kitchen and the dining room, my bedroom with my cat, that seems to mostly ignore the felinoid guest, and the large bathroom, that's almost as large as my bedroom.

My mother is no where to be seen, is she hiding from Goldie? "My mother doesn't mind morphs, she has grown among them, but she thinks bare paws make our floor dirty..." Finally I see her, I think she's on the balcony with our German Shepherd, I introduce them, "This is my mother, this is Shir Chakat Goldfur, a big-hearted Australian Engineer that I have met online... and this is my dog, Mark III..." Goldie offers hir hand to my mother, but Mark starts to bark furiously!


"Sorry! Keep him, yes, leave him here and close the balcony door!!"

We close the door, leaving Mark outside, my mother shakes her hand with Goldie and soon leaves for her room. "Sorry," I just say to Goldie, looking down a little. It seems she doesn't want to talk with Goldie much, she acts almost impolite. But Goldie doesn't look offended.

Then we come back in the dining room, where the TV is on still, "I am very happy to see you here... thank you for visiting... It's a bit late now, but if you want tomorrow morning I'll show you a bit the city and the sea... There are very nice cliffs around here... We have a small boat, I can show you two nearby islands too, if you want. Like the isle of Gorgona."

Shi nods but then shakes hir head, "Tomorrow evening I'll be at work again, and I can't leave Forest all the burden of our children... I can stay here no more than nine or ten hours, or maybe twelve. You know the time zones..."

"So do you come in Europe for even less than one day?"

"Yes, and I am sorry."

"Oh. Then I'll see the ceremony later," I go in the bedroom and I start looking for some things to put on... where's my personal comm? Ah, here it is... I'm very quick in this, "I'll be ready in a moment, I'll show you few nice things of my city right now..." I even change my pants, despite Goldie isn't that far, hopefully shi doesn't mind to see me in panties for a moment.

"Francesco, really, don't worry, I'm not here to see the city, that's for another time, I'm not here for those things."

Goldie coming here just for me? This must be a dream... "Well, we can talk around a little while we walk. Do you have something bad to tell me?"

"No, dear, things are going as usual. This time I'm here just to see you and your family."

I nod slowly, then we go back to the kitchen, and I close the door, "So you came to Europe for just one day, just to see me? :-)"

Shi nods, and we both smile, I offer hir a hug and shi hugs me back strongly, I rub along hir upspine with my fingertips... hir breasts are a bit encumbering. I slowly part the hug and then I take a long breath, "Please don't be offended by my question, but are you here for a more private purpose?"

"Well, you have invited me several times in the past, so as soon as I've found some empty space in my schedule I have chosen to come taking a look."

I gulp down some saliva, a little nervously, "But... are you in oestrus?"

Shi grins a little, and shakes hir head, fortunately shi doesn't look ashamed of my quite private questions, shi touches hir nose, "Your famous nose isn't working that well now :o)" shi says, "I'm about in the middle between the two cycles. I'm here just to to see how and where you live, to chat a little, and we can even watch the ceremony ^_^ So, let's watch the TV?"

I nod, but then I show hir my library, shi is more important than the ceremony, "More than a thousand of real paperstic books, mostly about some sciences... but there are some science fiction novels too," shi pads closer to me, and takes a look at the library, "Some of them are even nice, but they are mostly in my language, so I think you don't want them," I add.

"But I can take a look at the images," shi pulls out a large book by Edward Tufte, "That's written in early American anyway :-)" I realize that I don't feel much interest any more in the ceremony, so I switch off the TV, Goldfur will monopolize my attention until shi leaves anyway. I take a look at the clock, it's getting late already, and it's already past dawn.

"Well, the least thing I can do is to offer you a good dinner, do you want to help us a little? :-)"

"Oh, sure, but weren't you busy or something?"

"I am a kind of amateur computational biologist, but I have never had the honour to have you as my guest, so don't worry," I start showing hir where knifes are, the contents of the refrigerator, the other plants and vegetables growing in the hydroponics of the kitchen room and then I lead hir in the large bathroom, showing hir that we have even larger hydroponics there.

"Wow, you have lot of plants for a flat :-)," shi says, sniffing some basil.

"I love living things, plants, animals, chakats and other morphs, but I can't keep many animals in such small flat, laws now allow essentially only cats and dogs, so I keep this flat as green as I can, and my parents share similar tastes :-)"

I take several ripe tomatoes from the bathroom hydroponics, some basil, olives, and several other things, then we come back to the kitchen, and I start chopping carrots... "Their skin is clean enough, you just have to wash them very well and peel off just a bit of skin... no need to scratch them a lot, because they don't grow in humus."

"The carrots?" shi asks.

I answer nodding.

We chat a little while we start fixing the best dinner I am able to, given the things I have at home at the moment. From the answers shi gives me, and the things shi has told me in the past, I think shi likes to eat almost everything, probably I'll not have too much problems in finding foods shi may appreciate. And shi seems to have no food allergies. I want hir happy and with full bellies.

My mother comes back in the kitchen to help me, soon she starts doing more and more, she looks nervous, probably having a large felinoid taur in her kitchen makes her a little nervous, but as she works she seems to relax more and more, so I start to just set the table. In the meantime my father comes back from work, late again, and I introduce him too to Goldie as well, he too looks a bit alarmed, but I do my best to show that shi doesn't bite and Goldie will use hir fangs just to eat our greens.

I leave Goldie chatting with my father a little, maybe he will even understand shi's a herm. And just before dinner my mother receives the usual phone call from my grandmother. I remove some of the silly things from the kitchen that may be hit by a long tail, so Goldie will hopefully feel more free and relaxed to move in this room. Then I lay a small towel near the table, so Goldie can sit and eat with us. While we start eating shi says that that shi will probably like everything, so there are no problems.


Near the end of the dinner we receive a call, and we switch on a large olo on the table. The 3D image shows my brother floating at zero G inside a tight circular room, he's wearing strange things even for his standards.

"Hi! I'm almost ready for the dive into the atmosphere!"

"Again?" asks my father.

"This time no parachute, the suit is for the thermal shielding only, they will catch me before I hit the Ocean!"

"You are mad, son, do you know it?"

"But we're in five here! And I've already tested the suit with a dummy!"

He sees Goldie, "Oh, you have a furry guest!"

"Yes, I am Chakat--"

"Oh, shi- Sorry, I have to go now! The countdown is almost over! I can't miss the launch time window! I'll be at home tomorrow before dinner! Later!"

And the olo vanishes. "Sigh! He's my brother. And he likes extreme sports."

Goldie nods, "I noticed. He is really different from you, do you know?"

"Yeah, we know," answers my father, coldly. He's not serious, but Goldie doesn't seem to understand it.

"Uhhr, I meant..." Shi says.

But then we all smile and I pet hir back a little, "Don't worry :-) Do you want some yoghurt? We make it at home, with goat milk and our fruit."

Shi nods and smiles, "Uhmmm... Let's try it. The good thing is that we chakats aren't easy to poison ;o)"

We all laugh!

When the dinner is over, and Goldie has eaten for about two guests and half, we excuse ourselves and I answer few messages on my personal comm, leaving hir the privacy to answer hirs using the main comm of my bedroom. A so long travel and shi has carried just a tiny emergency comm on hir top that shi can't use for normal communications. After few minutes I poke on hir upshoulder and shi shows me that shi is taking a look at how an on-line Role Playing game of hirs is going, shi shows me hir character there, a male human engineer of the XXI-century... it's strange, but shi soon switches it off, we have better things to do. Shi says that hir bladder is full, so I show hir our bathroom, that's surely not designed for sizeable taurs, but shi seems very adaptable, and shi says shi is now almost used to such WC for bipeds too.

When shi comes out shi takes my arm gently, "There's one thing I want to try if you don't mind, Fra."

"Sure. Can I help you?"

"I'd like to see if I can I relate with all members of your family."

"Do you mean Mark too?"

Shi nods and points hir tailtip to the balcony. I nod, "Yes, he's there still," I say.

Shi gets closer to the balcony, shi looks... dreamy? I open the balcony door when Goldie signs me to, and I go out to encourage our dog to come inside again. This time Mark is silent and soon sits down. Goldie offers hir fingertips, and Mark sniffs them, then Goldie scratches the chin of our large Alsatian... and I smile, allowing myself to breath again.

"Much better this time. Have you used some of your ESP skills?" Goldie answers me with a nod, and caresses the back of Mark a little. Mark now looks friendly, he even wags slowly... stands up and goes to try to sniff the undertail of Goldie, shi quickly rotates on the spot, keeping tail low, but then stops and just lets the dog sniff...

Then he tries to push his nose too much under hir tail, so I take his collar and pull him back strongly, "Now he looks a bit too much friendly :o)", I say, "Shi is a felinoid, not a canine. Go Mark! Go in your doghouse!"

My Mark is normally really well behaved and now looks as himself again, so leaves at once and goes in his room, for the night.

"He was just scared of me," says Goldie, "I think I'm the first chakat that he sniffs. I have tried to let his mind understand that I am a person like you, and it seems it worked."

I nod, "He sniffs the crotch of humans too, sometimes, so that's normal," we go back in the kitchen, avoiding to stomp our swarm of tiny robots that are cleaning the floor. "I never watch TV, but I think it's one of the few things we can do together now, and there's something worth seeing, even." So I switch on the TV, "The ceremony isn't finished yet." Usually my father likes to see this ceremony, but probably they are now busy getting ready.

I lay on the very clean floor, so Goldie can lay close to me, and we watch in silence for several minutes, as athlete groups of the various nations come and go, there are some morphs too, some of them seem to have the fur cut very short. After several more minutes there's the Italian Group, "That's Chakat Macchiaboscosa," I say, "the only Italian chakat of these Olympiads." Humans and chakats aren't kept in separated competitions right to show that chakats aren't better than humans in everything. For endurance sports like the marathon and long runs humans eventually outpace any chakat athlete. They have even added few sports to put chakats in disadvantage on purpose, and maybe are chakats that have requested them. I hope this helps the other people develop less bad envy toward chakats.

"Fra, your brother has just contacted us again, he's well and safe," say my mother coming with us and switching on the lights, "Mark is sleeping in his doghouse now, seems finally relaxed. Goldfur, if you want you can sleep on the floor of the bathroom. We are leaving..." She is wearing a quite long dress.

My father too pops up, and my mother helps him with his strange smart shoes. "Don't listen to her. You are our guest, and if you want you can sleep on the sofa of the living room. You just have first to cover the sofa with the bed sheet I have left you, because that damn thing eats the fur. With your coat I presume you don't need much blankets in the summer, but if you need them then just ask to Fra. We'll be back in few hours."

"Okay, have fun..." I answer them, as Goldie greets them and they leave us.

"They go out to dance every Saturday night, with other people of their age... I think there are just old humans in their group."

I switch off the lights and we lay again to watch the last parts of the Opening Ceremony. Mostly absent mindedly I start caressing Goldie's backs, because I've always loved warm fur, especially fur of a chakat friend. And after few minutes shi starts emitting a kind of low purring sound that makes me smile and double my caressing efforts. After another couple of minutes Goldie is producing kind of loud mews :o)

But then shi suddenly calls me, "Francesco!?"

"Yes?" I stop at once.

"I'm not a plush. Do you realize that your caresses arouse me a little? So it may be better to stop for you, if you don't want to face the consequences :-}"

"I am sorry."

But shi was smiling, and as I turn back the head I see hir tail slowly wagging still, shi isn't upset, and I want to play more, sexually too.

So I too smile, "Do you mind if I caress you some more instead? :-) In a forward way, I mean. I want to see the consequences," I add, to be sure.

"I don't mind at all, chakats generally like to be caressed by friends, we're a tactile bunch."

So I resume my caresses, this time along hir forelegs and handpaw backs too. Our cat comes, even if so far she has ignored us, and comes right between me and Goldie, shi is clearly jealous for my caresses to Goldie and she wants her share of strokes. Goldie giggles like a girl and tickles our cat along the spine with a finger tip... and our cat seems to love it, she arches her back and shakes her tail a little. I can't help but grin, "You seem to know her sweet spots :-)"

"I think she has the same as mine ^_-"

I nod smiling wide, and I stand up, "But I caress you every day Hardy, while our cat guest is here only for short, so shi has precedence! :-)" I take Hardy in my arms, I unload her into the bedroom of my parent, and I close her inside, where she will rest. I go back to the kitchen, to lay beside Goldie and resume my caresses. I hear her mewl once, she wants me. I caress hir lowback instead, and along hir lowspine, shi looks relaxed and seems to enjoy, just like Hardy, "Tomorrow I'll caress her twice more, don't worry too much for her :-)"

The smile never leaves my lips, "Ah, hI... cough I'd be honoured to do some petting to you... For me it's okay to just caress you too, or maybe a little more..."

"For me it's okay, and I am willing for more too, if you want so," shi answers.

For several seconds I don't know what to say, "I am surely not used to receive such kind of generous offers," I pull my cheek and shi cocks hir head a little, so I have to explain, "Just checking if this is just a nice dream ;-)"

Shi laughs, "It can become better than a dream, hopefully. If you want."

I shake my head a little, blushing, "Eh eh. You know my friendship, and probably you know that I have lusted for you for years. You are so nice looking, you can probably feel some of those emotions of mine. I know that I may sound like a fool, I know such chances are very rare in life, you're generally so busy with your family and your job. I don't want to hurt your feelings, but now that I can, I'm not sure to be ready. I'm not a virgin, but I don't have much sexual experience, you're the only chakat I know well, and well, I'm a bit scared too."

Shi nods, and lowers hir head a moment, looking at hir own handpaws. Shi can probably sense that I lust for hir still, shi will think that humans are strange and sorely less linear than chakats. But then shi raises hir head again and even graces me with a small smile, "The choice is yours. Interpersonal relationships are never linear and simple, but if people talk with each other, eventually most problems can be solved. Regardless your choice, even if I'm often busy there will be other chances to meet in the future."

I nod and I talk, almost thinking aloud, with a nervous voice, "If we have a chance to have sex, then it's not love between two lovers or mates, but it's not a quickie with a little know person either. It's a curious middle way, a way to strengthen a friendship. It will be a slow lovemaking that I'll remember for life, maybe you too. I like you a lot Goldie, you are often in my mind, almost every day :-) I confess that I desire to make love, but I fear that if something goes bad in sex, it may damage our nice friendship. If it turns out that we aren't much sexually compatible, I don't want it to damage the friendship. It's happened to me in the past; an half hour of sex isn't worth many years to come of friendship."

Goldie smiles, "All my lovers don't talk half much as you when they want to make love," now shi caresses me gently, and then stands up to hug me warmly, maybe shi is even relaxing me like shi has done to Mark.

"Relax Fra," shi says, while shi caresses my back with both hands, "In life there's no way to be sure to avoid all problems, but I have a certain experience regarding love relationships and sex, so this time just trust me. If I'll sense some important problems coming, I'll stop things before they are visible. I'll do every possible and some impossible things to avoid damages to our friendship."

But sometimes problem like that come out months and years later... I nod and I kiss the back of hir hand, then I hug hir tight, "Thank you very much, I trust your experience. So I'm willing to try making love with you."

Shi smiles at my words and nuzzles my neck and head a little. I gulp down some saliva, I'm embarrassed, "You know I like you, but I'd like you to wash yourself first, with a shower, because I'm an hygienist. And I'd like to use a condom too."

Shi laughs a little, "That's not a problem. And I've worked all the day, so I'd really like to take a shower now."

I just nod, smiling, I think shi has not come here that quickly, shi has probably taken a shower before coming here, but shi is always very kind with me. And shi may even tell the truth, because telling little lies almost for free isn't hir style. Better to start, I switch off the TV, that I was now mostly ignoring, and I walk out of the kitchen, leading hir to the bathroom again. I wait hir to come and I show hir our shower box, that has transparent doors.

"Well, this is a shower, it's a nice but it's designed for bipeds, can you fit in?"

I open the shower doors, and shi steps inside, but only half. Then shi shows me that shi can fit all inside if shi sits on the floor and keeps hir handpaws on a box wall.

"Well, you fit, good," I point the controls, "This adjust the temperature, this the water amount, and this is to choose the kind of jets you want. If you can't move much inside this box you can change what water jets to activate to wash all yourself anyway. This is for the main jets, and this and this for the lateral ones, upper and lower ones, and this for the jets of the other side, upper and lower ones. This for the feet, it tickles a bit too much, but it's nice. And there's even a rain effect, with water at low pressure coming from all the upper side of the box. And beside the telephone that you can hold there are those directional jets too, you have to find the right temperature and pressure that you like. It's a bit complex, but it's fun :-)"

My fingertips are cold, and I haven't even opened the water yet, I take three large towels out of the bathroom wardrobe, and I put them on the stool near the shower box, where shi can see them, "Now I can leave you," and I go to the door.

Shi comes out of the box and lays on the middle of the bathroom floor, "Or maybe we don't make love," shi says.

I scratch my head a little, stopping at the door, "Yes?"

"Come here, and caress me a little more, instead," shi says. I smile, not understanding, but I don't mind, and I sit beside hir on the bathroom floor, to caress both hir backs more, gently and slowly for some minutes, I caress hir buttocks too, until shi wags again, and I too feel better.

Shi lays on a side, showing me hir bellies and finally talks to me, "I have felt your nervousness grow. So I suggest you to regard the physical love just as a natural extension of the caresses, and not as something different and separated from them. And I think it's better if you help me a little wash the fur."

I nod and smile, standing up, "I understand, thank you again."

Shi takes hir top out, and shows me hir explosive bosom. I can't help but smile wider "Very nice :-)"

Shi stretches, probably for show too, and then pads into the box, sitting, making the box floor squeak a little. I close and lock the bathroom door, and I come back to hir to open the warm water... but then I shake the head, seeing that I'm wetting my shirt, "Yes, I know I'm silly."

I sit on the stool and I quickly remove slippers, shirt, T-shirt, pants and socks, keeping on just the panties. I go back to hir, and I close one box door partially, then I start to massage hir backfur, to wet it, "Better to not raise the water pressure too much, to avoid flooding the bathroom :-)"

I help soap and wash the parts shi may have more problems to reach into the tight box, "I'm sure you now are missing your showers fit for two taurs."

"I like to be able to turn around in the shower, yes" shi answers, winking.

Shi slowly raises hir tail, showing me hir tight wonderful labia, I don't waste time and I use one shower telephone to wash all hir undertail and sex well, using baby soap, I then I sit on the bathroom floor and soap hir sheath well too. When I rinse shi lets hir member tip poke out for a moment, but then pulls it back. I grin a little. This is going well, so far.

When I think there are no more difficult parts to wash, I close hir inside, "Better to close now, so you can increase the water pressure, and rinse better. Wash your handpaws well, please ^_^"

I dry my arms with a towel, sitting on the stool, enjoying the show :-)

Shi washes and caresses hir breasts, washes hir sheath well again, and then the handpaws, each fingertoe, I think shi is trying to look sexy on purpose, but shi doesn't need that to actually look sexy :-) My panties become tented, I think shi has seen them. I have to do an effort to not touch myself, but shi is quick enough, and soon shi closes water and squeezes some water out of hir mane and tailfur.

I take two towels, open hir doors and I give one to hir, "Don't step out yet, I'll rub your fur first, we don't have the large dryers morphs use," I rubs hir backs and hir mane energetically, to help hir, and then I slow down, to caress hir fur with the towel in a more gentle way. I change towel because it's too much wet and I crouch down to massage hir sides, hips and then along the forelegs with the third towel... Then I dry and massage well hir handpaws, and shi giggles.

"Do you like those, right?" Shi asks.

"Yep, they are handy and I think I have a bit of handpaw fetish, I hope you don't mind."

"How can I mind? :-)"

I rub the pads of hir handpaws some more, then I quickly kiss them, their palm, back, fingertoes and claw sheaths. I lick the fingertoe tips a little too, even. Shi spreads them a little and seems to appreciate. I feel silly, but I don't care, I will probably never have another chance to kiss handpaws like this, and I want them to be Goldie's ones.

"I generally don't like the smell of the wet fur of my Mark much, sometimes even after I have washed it," I plunge the nose into hir sidefur and I sniff, "Your fur smells a little, but I have no problem appreciating the scent of your fur." I caress hir sides and I take a small sniff of hir partially covered undertail, the smell of hir washed sex is quite light, I caress the rear side of hir butt, "It's a curious mix of the scent of human and cat, it's not unpleasant, nor too much strong."

"And I was used to the scent of humans, even before having Kline among us," shi says.

"Maybe you think I'm acting like this to imitate how some morphs acts, but I'm doing what comes natural to me."

Shi nods, "Don't you take a shower?"

I stand up and I shake my head a little, "I have taken a shower two days ago, if you don't mind I'll skip it now."

I caress over the base of hir tail, where I know shi likes it more, to excite hir a little, and I kiss hir neck side two times. Then I blow hot air into hir neckfur and I give hir scruff a gentle bite... I think chakats like it like felines, and indeed shi muuuuurs aloud, I am happy. I give the side of hir neck few tiny kisses, along hir jugular, and then on the side of hir muzzle. Shi smiles and keeps hir ears forward.

"Are you partially feline Fra? :-)"

"AH ah," I laugh a little, "You know I have a pet cat that teaches me, and such things are done among humans too, mammals are mammals :-) Do you like smooth furless skin? I mean, we are glabrous, do you see us as sick or something?"

Shi shakes hir head, "I've lived and worked among humans for a large part of my life, my eyes don't see human skin as ill or as shaved pelt. It's just the way you are. You just get used to the things you see all the time, I probably don't see the world much differently than you, despite the differences of our senses."

I nod a little, that helps me relax. "House, reduce the lights," I order. I am standing beside hir now, and with a hand I caress hir lowback, the last part of hir rump and then both hir furred and very strong buttocks quite slowly, again and again to relax hir, and shi slowly raises hir wonderful tail again.

"I know you for several years now, but in truth I don't know much about you yet, your reactions, the things you don't like, the ones you like, beside the caresses on your rump, I mean ;-)"

"You never end knowing another person, even if you have Chakat empathy," shi answers with a softer voice.

I lightly touch the fur on hir generous breast too, feeling how soft it is for several seconds, smiling, to show my appreciation, I think shi likes that. I give hir breast a small kiss. I move my head more sideways, to look behind hir, I take a breath looking at the marvel of the soft female labia between hir thighs, and I caress them with the back of the fingers of other the hand. I almost feel like a teenager again. I can see shi is relaxed still, shi seems to trust me still and to accept my touch too. My panties are more tended now, I'm partially aroused, and I know shi can smell that. But shi isn't caressing me yet, probably to give me time to become used to hir body, or maybe to help me think of hir as a female that lets the other touch, instead of the active herm shi is, to keep me relaxed.

"Such ignorance is present even between humans, and we are of different species, after all. I like to explore and understand, I am so curious. So I'm doing little experiments still, to understand you better; this way I hope to give you pleasure and avoid the things you dislike."

Shi gives a large lick just under my ear, tickling me, I smile, hir tongue is rough, but not as rough as tongues of a big cat. Let's experiment more, I caress hir side more, I think shi is relaxed now. I put two fingers of in my mouth and suckle on them. Then I quickly caress two times along hir buttcrack with those wet fingers, I quickly do a circling caress around hir tailstar under hir tail, and then quickly but carefully push the tip of the index finger into hir anus, to see hir reaction. I'm ready to pull it out and apologize, and even jump back if I see hir claws unsheath, or continue if shi seems to like it. In either case my thin fingertip can't hurt hir rear, I will never try to hurt hir precious body on purpose.

But shi doesn't react much, shi doesn't show appreciation nor shi shows me fangs. A null result then, so I just pet hir rear and then hir lowback. Time for more, I take a big breath, "There's something I have to tell you, I have never found the right moment until now."


I gulp down some saliva, and I bite my lip a little, "Here it is. Four years ago I have started an antithanatos treatment to extend my lifespan, that I'll try to follow for all my life. It's common enough among humans that aren't too much poor. I have tuned it to get old when you get old, to be beside you, as a friend, for life. With some luck we'll not live without each other for too much time. Because I think that if death is an ugly thing, losing friends and loved ones is even worse."

Here, I have said it. Shi turns hir head and looks at me, getting serious. Shi can feel I am telling the truth. Shi doesn't talk, just looks a me, now shi looks nervous.

"Maybe I have chosen the worst moment to tell this. I am sorry."

Shi shakes hir head a little and takes my hands, "I find it a little disquieting to hear such things now, it's a turn-off for me, we chakats don't like to mess much with such things, we like to live a more natural life, but I understand, I know that the human culture is different, and I know you have done it for me too. So I must thank you," shi hugs me tight and lays hir head on my shoulder, rubbing my cold back a little. Shi thanks me for something shi doesn't like. Then shi quickly parts the hug, saying nothing else. I think shi will need more time to fully understand what I have done and why, I have had years to think about it, I have to give hir time. I think shi will want to talk more about it in another moment.

Shi isn't fully dry yet, but it doesn't matter, the air is warm enough, and the Home computer has removed the excess moisture from the air, I fold the towels, I'll take care of them later, and I take the largest towel from the bathroom wardrobe, I spread it on the centre of the floor, and I let Goldie lay on it. I quickly remove my panties and I put them on the stool, beside Goldie's top. I too have lost my arousal, but it will come back soon. I take a condom from the box and I sit beside hir, smiling a little.

Shi looks at my nude body, and I caress hir lowback a little, I think something silly is fit now to relax the situation, "I love a girl with a hairy chest :-)" I say giggling and tracing a finger tip between hir breasts.

"Your chest is almost more hairy than mine :o)" Shi answers, "And I like humans with hairy legs, I don't like plastic dolls much. You look almost like--"

"A chimpanzee?" I ask, cocking my head on the side a little.

Shi shakes hir head a bit, "A gorilla :-)"

"Hopefully not genitals-wise too!"

Shi caresses along my quite hairy legs, pulling my hairs a little, "Ah, Oh, no, no, no, those look distinctively human :-)"

"I know I'm just a male human, but do you--"

Shi glares at me a little, "Don't say you are 'just something', please. Genewars have shown that we are both 'just' both persons and just meat too. And to answer your coming question, me being here surely means I like you enough."

I nod a little, I think I have offended hir a little, "I am sorry, I din't mean to--"

"Shhhh!" Shi shuts me softly, and pulls me closer. I kiss the side of hir cheek, hir nose tip and then I hug hir upback and I give hir lips a gentle kiss. The shape of hir lips feels different from the human one, and the fur and whiskers tickle me a little. For a moment an image crosses my mind, me kissing a man with a moustache, but then I smell hir feline-human scent, I see hir wide sexy muzzle, I look closely into hir exotic eyes, and I am sure shi isn't a hairy man. Now I feel like I'm kissing my dog, and I think of possible bad bacteria on hir lips and tongue, shi kisses and licks lot of people and lovers, wolftaurs too... but I know shi isn't ill now, hir immune system is stronger than mine, and I can't betray any disgust, I don't even have to feel it, because shi can feel some of my emotions, and because shi deserves the very best of me. I must show hir that I like hir, so I force myself to go on, and we share a better kiss. With the tongue I feel the tips of hir fangs, they feel huge. Having those in the mouth must feel strange for a human. I caress hir arms and biceps, shoulders, shi has hard and strong muscles under hir soft fur, I presume that's normal for chakats with an active life. We part the kiss, and I smile because I have shown my good sides.

"There are lot of things that move quickly in your mind, even while doing something as simple as this :-)" shi says, with a smirk.

I nod, "I hope they don't disturb you too much."

"I know you well, I am used to them now :-) I can't become bored with you close," then shi shows me hir hand and I give hir the little envelope of the condom, "You like handpaws, right?" Shi asks.

I nod, smiling a little, "The handpaws of the chakats I like," I specify. I hope shi knows how to use condoms. I think shi doesn't use them much.

So shi caresses my abdomen with the handpaw, then my genitals, I spread the legs some, and shi soon starts to stroke my member with the handpaw, quite firmly! Shi means business :-) "Ohhh..." I become hard very quickly.

Shi opens the envelope and unrolls the condom on my member, it looks like shi knows how to use condoms.

Shi then lowers hir head and first tickles my belly with the vibrissae then kisses my penis tip, "Here is, all set up ^_^" Shi says, caressing my member more with the handpaw, but now slowly and gently.

"Are you closer to your female peak or the male one?"

"About in the middle. But my heat isn't close."

Now I remember, I have asked hir already. "Good. Now I want to please your female side," I come forward, and lay partially over hir, shi rolls on hir backs and I caress hir lowchest, hir navel and upbelly, I fondle hir breasts and kiss their nipples. I slowly lay better over hir, tracing my member along hir fur, probably drying the condom too much. "Uhhmmm," shi caresses along my sides, hips and rear with hir tail, tickling me in a good way. I kiss hir upper sternum, hir neck and the side of hir muzzle... Then shi holds me and I kiss hir muzzle a little, while I stroke hir sides with a knee and my hand palms cup and grope hir generous breasts. "I feel a little greedy, I want all of you :-)"

Shi answers kissing me better, giving me more, and I lick hir tongue, now it comes easier. I align better over hir and I step back leaving hir sweet muzzle, until my hips are against hir crotch, I take hir handpaws, and shi bends forward to caress my head.

"Uh, you are right..." I say. My error. But I can correct myself, I stand up, and I point the wall with a finger, "Help me move the towel toward the wall," shi nods, rolls on a side and stands up, we move the towel, and then shi lays again on hir lowback, I give hir a folded towel, that shi uses as cushion for hir upback, so shi can now lean hir upback against the wall, and have hir hands closer to me. I wet my condom with warm water of the basin and I lay over hir again. I aim my member at hir folds and I take hir handpaw, I always ask permission, "Can I join your body?"

Shi nods, smiling, "Of course."

It's time then. So I push gently and I slowly slip my flared member inside, hir hymen is fully open for me, and hir body welcomes mine without any problem. Shi feels hot, wet, and shi is probably ready for me. I hump hir gently, few times in a row, while I massage and kiss hir handpaws. Shi soon starts to murrr like a happy cat ^_^

I kiss hir breasts, hir upbody is bend forward so I have no problem reaching them now, and I even nibble hir hard nipples, producing a loud moan that fills me with joy :-)

I'd like to taste hir milkwater, but I don't want hir to think I want to become hir denmate, shi is even too much busy with hir mates already. So I just lick and kiss hir nipples some more, lovingly.

I mount hir some more, and then I give hir a firm hump, grinning, a part of me really wants to continue, but I slow down soon and stop. I slip out, sit beside hir and caress lightly hir sleeping sheath, "Now I want to please your male parts."

Shi smile and nods, "You are gentle :-)"

I smile too, "I don't have much experience in caressing male parts, but I'll do my best," I caress hir belly more, and soon despite my touch is very light hir penis tip pokes out again. Probably shi will not ask me anything more than what I am willing to do, so I am not worried. I can masturbate hir with hands. But I don't want hir to think of me as a boring person, I want to offer hir something shi may remember a little better. I like hir, a lot, but... Sigh, I am not willing to suck hir, it disgusts me a little. What else can I do? I may try to mount hir tailhole while I stimulate hir male side. I don't know if they associate male sensations with the anus, probably not. Well, but new associations can be created. Hir body and rear are larger than human ones, so probably I can fit in without problems. But does shi accept anal sex? Maybe not, I have never heard of it from hir. Well, shi is adult and used to sex, isn't going to bite me if I ask, the worst thing that may happen is a refusal. But how can I ask? I feel a little ashamed to ask. Better to act and give hir plenty of time to stop me if shi doesn't like. Where to start? I like clean things.

I stand up and I reach the small wardrobe, I find the lubricant cream and a bulb syringe, and I fill it with warm water in the basin.

"What are you doing?" Shi asks. Hir vision is sharp, so shi can see what I an filling, because our basin is transparent.

"It's better to be clean."

Shi is silent for few seconds, but when I go back to hir shi understands, "I have never received anal sex so far, and it's not my preferred form of lovemaking," shi says. Hir voice tone sounds relaxed still.

I nod, what shi says doesn't amaze me, "If you have never done it, then it may be the time to feel something new :-] Anyway, you are free to refuse, I'll be glad to spread your female parts some more."

Shi nods, "Okay, let's do an attempt," shi says.

I nod and I kiss the back of hir hand, "Eh eh, okay," Probably shi can let me empty the bulb inside hir, but I don't want to embarrass hir or stress hir kindness too much. So I give hir the bulb, I exit the bathroom and close the door, to give hir privacy.

I wait a couple of minutes, in the meantime I lose most of my arousal, and I remove the condom. I feel quite nude, I hope my parents aren't coming back yet.

But I hear the flush-tank soon, and hir say "I'm done" through the door.

So I knock the door gently, pressing the knocker button softly.

"Come in, silly," shi answers and I open the door and come inside. Shi is standing up and looking a little amused, I wash the bulb nozzle and I put the enema back in the wardrobe. Then I take another condom from the box, put the wet towels in a box, and I collect the towel from the floor, "Let's change room, we can go in the kitchen."

Shi nods and we go there, I fill two glasses of room-temperature water and I offer one to hir. While we drink I go to the replicator and I synthesize a little bowl of catnip, that I offer to my very kind guest.

Shi bows hir head a bit, takes the bowl and then sniffs it a little, and nibbles it a little too... I caress hir backs slowly, giving hir time...

Then shi kisses my cheek, "Thank you Fra. But unfortunately chakats aren't much sensitive to catnip ^_^"

I shrug, "Oh well, it doesn't matter, I don't want to fuzzy your mind anyway." My cat will like it tomorrow.

I move the sides of two chairs close to each other, "You can lay here, I think they are at the right height," shi nods and lays hir lowbody on them, wagging slowly like a happy cat.

I lower my head and I kiss hir butt, hir undertail, hir femsex, then hir anus, that's rather clean now, and hir muurs make me smile. I kiss hir labia again, and rub the sides of hir very well furred buttocks. Then I slowly trace my fingers along all hir buttcrack, few times, over and over, to caress hir femsex too. Soon I'm aroused again and I put on the condom, that's already lubed. Shi is at the right height and position, I take my member and I touch hir gently. But I'm nervous, and as I press my penis head a little more against hir anus I can see shi too isn't relaxed, I can see it from the way shi keeps hir tail, and from hir handpaws that are partially closed into firsts. I shake my head a little and stand up normally, stopping, I just caress along hir tail a little, "It doesn't work, I am sorry."

They say anal sex must not hurt, if it hurts then it's done badly. And the chakat anus is wider than a human one, so if hir muscles are relaxed enough I think shi is able to take a human member without discomfort. "I don't like pain, any form of it. For me sex is something that gives pleasure to myself and the others, otherwise I prefer to not do it."

I wait few more minutes, caressing hir lowback, until we are both more relaxed. Then I aim my member to hir nice femsex...

"I don't surrender so quickly, let's try again! We can try to change position, and use you fingers first."

I smile, shi doesn't stop at the first problem like I often do. I nod, "Okay," I'll do my best.

Shi steps down the chairs, and thinks a moment, "Home, lower the lights," shi says, and then spreads the towel on the floor near the wall, under the synthesizer. I go to the manual light controls on wall to raise the light levels back up a little, "I agree that lower lights are good now, but I can't see in the dark as well as you :-)"

I sit on the towel, and shi lays on hir backs, I swear shi is trying to look like my cat :-) I caress along hir relaxed sheath, and between the buttocks, as before. With a hand I caress hir male parts a little more and with the other I circle my fingers around hir tailstar, "Are you willing to let me in here? :-)"

Shi nods, smiling a little and winks, I caress hir warm tailhole slowly, using some saliva, then I slowly work my finger in, with a circling movement. Hir body feels more relaxed now, I just caress hir like that a couple more minutes. Shi was right, as usual.

Soon the glans of hir very thick member slides out its home, and I stroke hir a little harder... "Ohhh... you're a very big tom ^_^"

I'll not suck hir, but I can show I like all hir sides, I lower the head and sniff hir member, then kiss its side. I take my time to see the shape well from close distance, "Very nice. It's different from mine, and different from a big cat penis, but I think it looks fit on you. Years ago, in the beginning, probably for the look of your breasts I have regarded you more like a female, but now I think have a more balanced vision of you :-]"

"The gender of a person is more than just genitals, but I am glad. You can add another finger, if you want," shi says. I nod and I do it, I feel no problems now. So I even try three fingers, and even if I push them all the way there are no problems.

I'd like to feel hir emotions, but I can't, so I have to ask, "Do you feel any bad sensation?"

Shi shakes hir head, and hir handpaws now look almost relaxed. So I can go on a little more, I pull the three fingers out and quickly push them back, deep. I can see hir close hir muzzle and tense a little, but I think that's normal, so I smile.

"Please, become very hard for me :-)"

I push the three fingers into hir again, and I can hear a little moan :o)

"Do you like?" Hir member now feels very turgid in my hand.

"It's a bit different, but not bad," shi flicks hir ears a little.

I lower my head and I kiss the side of his -- I meant hir -- penis again, "I think you are ready," I stop and pull out the fingers.

I move forward, toward hir, to to lay on hir, but shi shakes hir head, "Sit, with your back against the wall," shi says, I nod and comply, shi folds the towel, and puts it on the table. I'll have to sit on the floor, but the robot swarm cleans the floor very well, so it's not a problem. Shi rolls and stands up, frees hir hair-mane from the elastic strap and shakes hir mane well, then rotates on a side, surely to show me hir member well. I caress hir side a little, and shi rotates more and raises hir tail, showing me hir rear, I bite my lips seeing hir wonderful pussy so close to my face ^_^ Hir female parts are wet and a little spread.

"I like your scent," I say, "Do you want to sit here?"

"That was my purpose, but thinking about it I don't want to crush your thighs."

"I'm strong, I think I can stand it for few minutes, we can do one attempt," I think we can define ours as experimental sex :o)

"Okay, but I'll try to not discharge too much weight on you," shi says.

Shi slowly sits on my thighs, not touching my member much, using hir thick tail on the floor to support hirself partially, and I nod, kissing hir lowback, "It works," I say.

Shi raises up hirself some, using the feet and comes down slowly, I take my cock with a hand to align it against hir ass, and shi comes down slowly... "Oh..." Shi feels tight and hot and quite alive. I move the hands on the sides of hir joint, but I feel stranger and stranger... I feel a weird sensation along my rear... it doesn't hurt, but...I tense up and squeeze hir body a little, to sign hir that there's something wrong, but shi comes down and doesn't stop not even a moment, until hir buttocks touch my balls.


"Whoa! Ehhrr! Ehrrr... Uhrrr... Ufff! Uff! I feel very strange, I think we have to stop, sorry," I say, shaking my head a little, even if shi can't see me. I am very sorry, what's wrong with me? Why now? It's the first time I hear hir growl, I hope that's a good thing.

Shi isn't moving at all now, "pant It's quite different indeed! I am very sorry, it's my fault, I have forgotten to tell you... You keep asking a lot of questions, regarding how I feel too. Among chakats we don't ask those questions much because we can feel each other sensations. So to help you know how I feel I have created an empathy link."

I put a hand on my forehead, "That's it, I have felt you, I mean, myself, come inside me, I mean you, ohwr..."

"Yes, that's what I have felt, and you have felt an approximation of it too. Do you want me to break the link?"

I bite hir lowback a little, "Grr... next time tell me things first, please :-]"

"I am very sorry -.-"

I caress hir joint, "It's okay, they are your male parts coming out, I presume, and I like you as you are. But can you reduce the intensity of the link just a little? If I feel your sensations much stronger than mine I become confused. -- When you feel adjusted to my member ride me well, golden tom ^_^"

When I can feel shi feels ready I pull hir up, and then I let hir fall down heavily on me!

"UhhhrRRRrrr!" shi kind of says. I bite hir lowback a little, I have to spread my legs a little more to avoid squashing my testes, then I do it again, and I can feel shi is starting to like it, good.

I give hir few quicker trusts, soon I am getting closer to my peak, so we change position a little, so shi can put hir hind feet down. Shi isn't touching hir member with the handpaws, this is a good sign, I think. I start to hump hir gently and firmly, and I reach around, to grab hir cock and massage it gently... I am very gentle because it's a nude penis. With the fingers I rub hir urethral opening, shi breaths faster few times. shi can probably feel that I am getting closer.

"Get hotter for me, please!" I say.

I press my forehead against hir back and I close my eyes, and we come together, hir semen reaches a respectable height, and hug hir back, sharing my sensations.

Then we relax and I caress hir sides gently. Shi soon slips out, and comes to lay on a side, beside me. I caress hir more, the strange mind link is present still, and I can feel why shi likes my caresses, I can feel my own hand on the fur.

I feel the mink link slowly vanish, I feel a little alone now, but it doesn't matter. Shi lays hir head on my feet, and I rub hir upback a little, smiling, "An happy tom? ^_^"

"That was a little different," shi says.

I caress hir rear a little, "Do you want me to please your female parts?"

"Later, if you want. Do you want me to mount?" shi asks.

I shake my head, I don't like that, and shi seems to just accept the information. Shi kisses along my legs and then the side of my foot.

"And in a way I have just felt it, eh :-] I have felt the things you have felt. Have you felt what I have felt?"

Shi nods a little.

"Usually I have enough stamina for two or more orgasms, but I feel tired now, maybe 'cause of your link," my head feels strange, I shake it and squeeze my eyes, "I feel a little dizzy."

I stand up and massage my legs a little, to help blood flow again, then I free the swarm of microbots to clean the floor from all the sperm drops. "We can let them work, the room will filter the air too. We can go in my room."

But instead I lead hir to the bathroom, keeping the condom on my softening penis with a hand to be sure it doesn't slip out. I give the used towels to the washer, and I wash hir genitals and rear with a sponge, then throw the condom in the Home recycler, I sit on the bidet to wash my crotch too some. Shi looks amused, and helps me a little with hir hands.

When we are dry we go into my room, we drink some fruit juice that I keep in my room, and we lay on my bed, to caress each other more. I kiss the side of hir neck, and hir breasts, "I feel better now. I am not used to those strong sensations." I think that eventually I'll be able to mount hir again, I need just some a little more time, maybe half an hour.

I lay my head on one of hir forelegs and shi puts the other on my shoulder, touching my back with the handpaw. I kiss hir foreleg... "House, lock door and lights off." I rest like that for many minutes, nude and pressed against hir warm body. I feel loved even if I am not one of hir mates. After more time, when I start to feel a little sleepy, I hear knock at our door, my parents are back.

"If you don't mind Goldfur will pass the night in my room," I say.

"I'll leave tomorrow morning," adds Goldie.

"How was the night?" I ask.

"The usual... lot of old people dancing... the same faces of the dancing club," my mom says, "And yours?"

"Interesting. -- Okay, goodnight," I say.

"Good night then."

I whisper to hir, "I'm naked still."

"Do you feel cold?"

"It's almost summer, I don't feel cold, especially with you so close, but I have all my... stuff exposed."

"So? I have seen it well now, we're almost in full dark, and you aren't the only one to have that male stuff between the legs."

I giggle softly, "It's not the same thing, you have a sheath, attached to the belly along all its length."

"It's the way your species is, I have no problems with it. And if you aren't cold, I like you better naked beside me."

"Home, night lights," I say, switching on enough light to see, with that command I have scripted the computer to switch them on slowly to not hurt my eyes, "I feel more relaxed when I have my pyjamas on." I disentangle myself from hir and I open the drawer of the bedside table, to take the two parts of the pyjamas. I put pants on, even without panties, because they are in the drawer the other side of the room, then I put on a white t-shit to. Then I lay back with Goldie, "This is like my fur, now I feel more relaxed ^_^"

"Home, lights off," I kiss hir muzzle tip, "they say I turn a lot during the night, I'll try to not turn around myself much tonight :-)"

I feel very happy to have hir so close, I caress hir lowchest, but soon I realize how much tired I am. Sex and that link have burned a lot of my candle. I close my eyes, "Goodnight," I whisper, but shi doesn't answer, maybe shi is already sleeping.

I try to find a position that doesn't block my blood too much. After twenty minutes I have thought on most of the things done today, and I have created a small list of the things for tomorrow, with a couple new experiments to try too. I have done few mistakes with Goldie, but shi is quite adaptable and allows me to fix them along the way. I can hear that hir breath is regular now, shi is probably sleeping now. Most people I know are able to sleep almost as soon they touch a bed, but I don't have a switch off button like them. I'll never understand how they can do it. I breath more slowly, I can rest now.


I feel something moving against me, and for a couple seconds I'm a little scared, I have let Mark into my bed? But then my half-asleep mind remembers Goldie and I sniff the peculiar scent of hir chakat fur. The clock on the bedside table says 4.12 AM, shi is moving the handpaws, I think shi is awake. "Are you well?" I whisper.

"I am well, but my biological clock is a bit messed up, because of the differences in the time zone."

"What time is it for you?"

"About noon, more or less," shi answers.

"Oh, well. Are you hungry?"

I hear no answer.

"Do you want something to eat? Are you hungry? I can't see your snout."

"I am hungry, right."

Home, night lights," I say. And the lights slowly rise, but they stop soon. "Do you realize that I am actually happy to hear you say that? :-) Seeing your muzzle and fangs eat the things I give you is a pleasure ^_^" I keep the voice low to not disturb my sleeping parents, but the walls of my room are almost soundproof, so there's no need of it. Okay, I am keeping my voice low to not disturb Goldfur, my cat doesn't loud noises. That's it.

Shi kisses my nose and I slowly free myself from hir legs and tail, and I stand up... "I am a little sweaty, there's no risk in being gold -- I mean in being cold -- with you close."

Shi stands up and grins, "I told you that the pyjamas was unnecessary."

I shake my head a little, I put my slippers on, open the door and we silently go in the kitchen.

"Sorry if I am curious, but I don't have your nose, do you mind my scent, when I am a little sweaty like this?"

"Natural scents don't scare me," shi answers, a bit mysteriously.

"Really?" I ask.

Shi sighs, coming closer, "You see, I'm not a cougar, but I'm not a human either. I'm not human. Morphs aren't just humans with fur. Do you remember when I told you that I don't care much if I have muddy handpaws when I walk with Forest? I don't regard myself as a human. I like some of the things a feral cougar likes, and I don't feel them as unnatural or bad for me. We are partially animal people, I am happy of what I am, and I like your natural scents."

I nod, take a dish and I open the box of dried foods, while I digest what shi has said, "I like humans, and I like you as you are." For me chakats are humans, just with fur and two extra limbs. They share most things with us, and their mind is essentially human, so I don't agree with hir. But it doesn't matter. Shi is a free creature, so shi is free to be what shi wants to be, just like a human.

I take dried carrots, courgette, broccoli, some green asparagus and rose-shaped tomatoes, and I show the dish to hir, "Do you like them?"

"As dried as this I don't recognize half of them, but I eat most things," shi says smiling to me.

I put the dish into the hydrater and it switches on automatically, "Don't you often work in space? Don't you eat some dried foods there?"

"Actually most large ships have greenhouses like yours, even if I have to admit yours are even more advanced :-] So in those refectories I usually eat fresh foods."

In the meantime from the fridge I take a large fresh mozzarella, a ball of almost fifteen centimetres, I put it on another dish on the table, "Do you like? :-)" From the larder I take the oil cruet, the cellar of the powdered salt, dried fungus powder cellar, cayenne pepper cellar, balsamic vinegar and I put them on the table, with a fork and some soft paper produced by the Home.

"What's that?"

"Just the most wonderful mozzarella made with buffalo milk that money can buy one thousand kilometres around here."

Shi gives me a weird look, "And it's yours," shi says.

I nod a little, "And now if you like mozzarella I'll have the pleasure to see it tasted and eaten by my friend ^_^"

Shi sniffs it, I put some extra virgin olive oil on the side of hir plate, to encourage hir, and I take the first dish out of the hydrater. "Better you start from the vegetables, they are quite warm now, while it's better for the mozzarella to warm up a little." Shi starts with the broccoli, and soon eats with gusto... I look at hir maws work... hir muzzle is shaped almost like a big cat's. Shi eats the sliced tomatoes, and I suggest hir to try the seasoning products.

Then shi tastes the mozzarella.

"Do you like?"

"It smells of milk and buffalo, I presume. And I like it," shi says, smiling :-)

"The good thing with you is that you aren't scared to try new things ^_^"

Soon shi eats most of the mozzarella, leaving a small part on a side, "Do you want to eat it?" shi asks.

I shake my head a little, "No I don't. I am an hygienist, do you remember? I don't like to share plates like that, even after I've kissed you some times :-) It's the way I am."

"Okay," and finished all the food.

"Do you want to talk more?" I ask.

"It's a little past noon for me, but I am tired anyway. And I am sure you may want to sleep some more. So let's go back to bed."

I nod and put the cellars and vinegar back, the dishes in the washer and I look at the table, it's very clean. Goldie is a tidy person, even if shi is an animal too. Shi is a chakat, they need to sleep more than a human. We go back to lay on my bed, and this time I fall sleep quickly, hugged tight to hir.


I open an eye and I kiss hir chest. The clock says Sunday 9.40 AM. I think shi is awake, I caress hir side a little, and I whisper "Good morning?"


"Home, windows light, full status."

#Outside temp 24, light Libeccio wind. Partially covered sky. No rain until several days. Your father is out walking Mark. Hardy is hungry still. Your mother is probably at the Church. Your brother has left you a low priority message. Some fruits will rot.# says Home.

I yawn widely, I need several seconds to digest all the information, "I have to script it to make it give the first information of the morning more slowly." The sun very slowly shines in, giving our eyes time to adapt in few minutes, as the windows turn from fully opaque to transparent.

"Do you sleep in full dark too, normally?" I ask hir.

Shi shakes hir head, rolls down from the bed, and stands up, to stretch like my cat does. I come down from the bed, I go to all fours and I stretch mimicking hir movements as well as I can. Shi pets my head in a silly way :-) Stretching muscles correctly is positive, and a feline can teach me well.

When I stand up shi takes a look at my crotch, I have a partial morning wood, "It's a physiological thing, it means nothing, just like the rain," I say, grinning and trying to not giggle :-)

"I know, we too have them :-)" Shi answer, pointing a finger toward hir sheath. I take a look there, but shi doesn't have a filled-up sheath now.

And shi knows how human anatomy works. I'm almost behind hir now, and shi has hir tail raised, I can see hir very nice labia. I rub hir hips with both hands, and soon my pyjama trousers become even more tented, "But now it means something :-]"

I align myself better behind hir and I press a little against hir rear, shi soon spreads hir legs a little, like getting more ready to be mounted. Ohh. I touch hir femsex with the tent of my trousers, "Yesterday we've done anal sex to make you try something new, because I am curious to see you in new situations, because I was trying to help you remember me a little better, because I think I like it some, and maybe because my male instincts have liked the idea of having some 'control' over a feline such big, strong and manful too. But I like your pussy much better. It's more clean, and more fit for sex, and it may give you as much pleasure as I receive. I'd like to mount you right now." I rubs the side on hir hips more, my mind fills with the image of me entering hir sex on the spot, without a condom, quickly and a bit wildly. Strongly, spreading hir body, hilting, and fucking hir with energy, to feel alive and greet the new day. And then I see myself stroking hir male parts well using both hands until they wet my floor, emitting nice feline sounds. I want to see hir get hot.

"It's getting late for me, but if you want I think we can do it," shi just says. It seems shi is often willing to give me what I desire.

I am sorry that yesterday I have left hir female side unsatisfied, but I can't be this greedy, I sighs deeply and I shake my head a little, "But I can't ask you so much. You have already done a lot for me, I can't ask for more. Let's go in the kitchen, I can offer you some breakfast. Your other mates too deserve you."

Shi is in a hurry so I keep my pyjama on, going to my door, to open it, shi comes closer, "For few moments we have shared the same desires," shi says, opening the door and going into the kitchen. I set my pants to hide most of my arousal, and I follow hir.

"I hope to see you again, in the following months, I am willing to put those desires in practice :o)" I add.

But then something nice claims my attention down, "MEW!" says Hardy aloud, stroking herself against my legs, "A moment, sorry. There's another cat that has precedence :-) If you want you can go in the bathroom in the meantime."

I cut some coltural meat from our vats and I fill hir bowl. She starts to eat immediately.

I yawn again, Goldie is already back from the WC, I talk quickly, "Your turn. What do you like? Milk with coffee? Just coffee? Tea? Something more solid?"

"I take what you have."

"Uhm, okay, bread with blackberry jam, then. This jam is self-made and very tasty, I want you to try our best things," I take some bread that the Home has produced, I cut it, it's not soft, it's real bread, and using a knife I spread the jam over it, then I offer the first piece to hir, I smile as the bread soon vanishes and shi licks hir chops ^_^

"Oh, good, the perfect guest is the one that likes everything I give hir :-)" I say.

"But it's very good ^_^"

I give hir two more pieces, "And this is made with pears, but it's a different kind of jam, with less sugar," and I help hir eat that with a large cup of our coltural milk, and shi drinks it quickly, it was almost a litre.

"More? Some more milk?"

Shi shakes hir head and puts on hir emerald-green top, "I really have to go now, thank you for all the food. Tell your parents that the dinner was very good and that your home is quite cozy, despite being for bipeds. There's a friend that's waiting for me now. I'll write you a long message later to tell you more things and comments about this visit, there are several things I'd like to talk about."

I go to the door with hir, and I caress hir lowback one last time, "Thank you for visiting. We'll have other chances to meet, but I'll never forget this quick visit ^_-"

"Nor I. Tail High!"

Shi tailwaves and I let hir go out. Better to read the message from my brother now...


"Closer" short story © 2008 leonardo maffi.
Thanks to Alessio "Scale" Scalerandi for fixing some grammar, all errors left are mine.
Chakat Goldfur and Chakat Forestwalker © Bernard Doove, used without permission still.
Admiral Kline © Boyce Garald Kline Jnr, used without permission still.

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